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New Homes and the Community Amenities

At times and depending on your budget, there are plenty of benefits to purchasing new homes inside organized communities. As part of the master plan, there are more than just houses to add appeal to the potential buyer. There are usually some places that are set aside to be used by any and all of the residents. These common areas are often considered community amenities because they make the community a desirable place to live.

Pool and Spa

If new homes don't have room for a pool in the backyards, a community pool works just fine. Everyone in the neighborhood is given a key to the facilities and they can come and go as they please. In most cases, there are still hours of operation that everyone needs to adhere to and there are limits to what can be done within this recreational area. In some cases, a spa or hot tub is also included in this space to give residents a little bit of variety.


A clubhouse is another benefit that often comes with the purchase of new homes in a specific neighborhood or community. This is often an open space that residents can use for parties and get-togethers. A rental fee may be charged by the housing association that runs the neighborhood however it is typically much more reasonable than looking into other event venues in the area.

In active adult communities, these clubhouses are the central focus and meeting place for many of the social activities. Groups of people meet in furnished rooms that contain plenty of space for things like games, events and even book exchanges. When the rooms are used by the association, there is not usually an additional charge to the residents.

Sporting Areas

Tennis courts, basketball courts and even a skate park may be built inside or around of a community of new homes. These facilities are open to homeowners and their guests. The spaces are maintained by the monthly or yearly dues that each of the residents pays. Different neighborhoods have different amenities and it may depend on the number of new homes in the area as to how much space is dedicated to common area.

When looking at different real estate properties, be sure to check out the surrounding community. You can find out more from a real estate agent, real estate buyer's agent or the builder. Get a list of the different amenities and see which ones you and your family would be most likely to use. You can take this into consideration when making a purchase or putting in an offer. Also, check to see how much you will pay each month or each year in dues in order to maintain these common spaces.


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