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Large Houses are Still the Main Choice in Real Estate Home Choices in Australia

Do you enjoy living in a large home? Have you ever lived in a large home? Then there's no better place in the world to settle down and do this than in Australia, the land down under.
Home of the kangaroo and koala, Australia is now surpassing the United States, which previously held the record for the largest average home size.
An Australian freestanding single-family home is approximate 243.6 square metres.
Whether you tour display homes in Perth, Melbourne, or Sydney, you'll find the edifices 10% larger than the US and 9% bigger than New Zealand.
There are regional variations, but any of these places offer dwellings that are huge in comparison to Europe where housing sizes range from 76 square metres in the UK to 137 square metres in Denmark. Canadian homes average 177 square metres.
So having read these statistics why not chose Australia for your place of residence. 
Aussies are a great mob of people to meet and socialize with; they are friendly and have a good old fashioned sense of dry humor.

Family Size Spurs Demand for Large Homes

What accounts for these large homes?
The theories may vary, but a mix of need and preference influences housing choices made by Australians now days.
For the first time in two decades, the average household size in Australia has increased; recent statistics show it as 2.66 versus 2.53.
This may seem like a small jump, but it has led to demand for larger homes and apartments.
Australian family sizes have increased as people have more children, have them live at home longer, and welcome their parents, grandparents into the mix; so much larger pieces of real estate properties are bought to welcome the extra people into the family

Homes as Large Resorts

Many Australians consider their homes to be their personal resorts, where they can enjoy beautiful weather year-round.
With a population density of only three people per square Kms, why not spread out in a large home or purchase other pieces of real estate property and become a real estate property investor, many Australian have done this and are happy owning other real estate properties on which they can make some extra money on which to retire on?

With a population considered pretty affluent by world standards, Australians can afford to spend more on their homes, which has led to an increasing number of features and amenities even in modestly priced new homes.
Theatre rooms, ensuites, large living areas that incorporate kitchens, great rooms, and outdoor spaces, and two-car garages are common, while more expensive homes often have additional media rooms, studies, and more specialized rooms.
Home builders and real estate property developers have responded to consumer demand with an amazing variety of designs that include numerous rooms along with an open floor plan in the main living space.

Is the Trend Reversing?

As plenty of large homes continue to be built, some analysts wonder whether home size has hit its peak.
Home sizes have increased 40% in 20 years, but how many more bedrooms and additional spaces will average homeowners want to add?
As the population ages, so might demand for multiple extra rooms.

Many Australians are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their lifestyle choices, which may lead to a desire for a similar lifestyle with a less obtrusive carbon footprint.
Many builders and real estate property developers work hard to make homes energy-efficient and use sustainable building materials, but larger homes use more resources.
The desire for a simpler life may lead to downsizing in the housing market.

Big House, Less Land

Regardless of what happens with house size, there is a trend toward building homes on narrower lots with less personal green space.
Some popular neighbourhoods have less land available, so decreasing lot size allows more housing density.
The homes built on smaller pieces of property are no less feature-rich than their counterparts built on traditional sized home sites the old fashioned quarter acre and are often crafted by top architects.

Throughout Australia, homebuilders and real estate property developers offer display homes with pleasing features on lots of different sizes that beckon Australians who love comfortable, luxurious homes.
Real estate home styles have changed over the years here in Australia, the homes have gone from the basic three bedroom to homes that have many bedrooms and other rooms for which ever purpose you may choose to use them for.
They have added entertaining areas to rear of their homes, swimming pools, tennis courts, just about anything your heart desires and pocket can afford you will find it somewhere here in Australia.

So contact an Australian real estate agent or a real estate buyer’s agent and have them find the type of home you desire.

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