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Conveyancing Essentials
A Tip by a Real Estate Agent

The process of transferring ownership is a procedure that every property owner should know.
A successful conveyance depends on how much information you know.

Here are the basics you should be aware of about the subject.

Definition of Conveyance
Conveyance is the transfer of property deeds from the seller to the buyer.
This process is necessary because transfers do not happen through sales contracts, though some people think that is all there is to it.
Just remember that real estate agents do not transfer the title deeds of ownership when they sell you the property. 
It is up to you to supply the real estate agent with your solicitors’ detail of conveyencers details when you purchase the new property so they can pass this on to the sellers and your solicitors.
Be mindful, however that this is different from transfers through wills.

The procedure consists of two stages.
The first one deals with the exchange of contracts, while the second is about the completion of sale.
Both stages are complicated, especially if it is your first time with such transactions.
It is highly recommended that you get the services of trusted conveyancers to make sure you abide by the rules set by different states.

Your solicitor or conveyencer will conduct "searches" as this is the most important step in finalizing the transfer.
This way, you can verify the credibility of the title and the procedures required for the document.
These include inspecting the land registration along with any restriction clauses that apply.
It may take some time usually up to six weeks to complete this arrangement so it is advisable that you get professional help regardless of conveyancing fees.

Those are just some of fundamentals you need to do in a search.
Be aware that there may be other settlements depending on the property.
It may include checking the zoning certificates to know if the property is fit for future developments.
There is also the search of records to see that there is no money or fees owed on the property.

Transfer of Deeds
The obligation of conveyancing falls to the solicitor or conveyancer.
While it is true that working with one can make things easier, you can do it on your own but be careful, if you have never done this before you may be opening up a can of worms that you will regret the starting off, it is always best to leave it to the trained experts who have all the necessary skill and knowledge, data bases etc. to carry out this type of work.
This is where you need to research thoroughly because policies may change depending on the location of the property.
It may be necessary to work with a lawyer on certain areas.
Some places can also provide free conveyancing to borrowers.
Remember, there are no fixed rates, as it can range from $500 to $2000 depending on the state.

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