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A Real Estate Agents Tip on an Empty Nest
Choose To Make It a New Start

After your kids and realies leave the nest, a lot of people start thinking that their nest is too big, while a large home in a great school district makes sense for people with a house full of teenagers; it doesn't make sense for one or two people living on their own. Ask a Financial Adviser with the money an average retiree spends on house maintenance and utilities, he or she could probably buy several nice vacations a year.

Transitioning from a single family home to an apartment or something similar however, can seem like such a large change in lifestyle that many people don't seem to even consider it. While it is a big adjustment, it is one that comes with a lot of advantages. By buying a smaller piece of real estate, you'll gain a well-maintained pool, no yard work, beautiful views of the beach, and lower bills. Talk to your local Real Estate Agent and see what he has on his data base for you to choose from.  If he is an active Real Estate Agent he will have quite a number of smaller pieces of real estate to choose from; from apartments to town houses to retirement villages.

To make sure the move goes smoothly, try these tips:

1. Try to sell or give away possessions that you don't need anymore. There's no reason to hold onto lawnmowers, garden tools, or anything you currently use to take care of a pool. If you have a maintenance agreement that covers the interior of your new smaller apartment, you might also want to get rid of any large tools.

2. Think about how you want to furnish new spaces that you didn't have in your old home. For example, think about the balcony. Take some time to look into outdoor furniture for this area. While these areas are more protected than a home patio or deck, they can still be exposed to sunlight and rain. Because of this, it makes sense to choose furniture that is designed for outdoor spaces. While you're shopping for furniture, think about replacing any large pieces in your current home with smaller ones. Apartments are smaller so you don’t need a lot of furniture so try to get rid of what you feel you no longer require, e.g. that large sofa.  Your friend’s may take some of the things you no longer will have room for so just ask them.

3. Don't be afraid to get rid of a lot of stuff. Apartment units rarely come with a lot of extra storage space. Sell or give away anything that you haven't used in at least a year. If you still have too much stuff after this purge, think about what you really need to live with. If there are items that you just have to hold on to (for sentimental reasons), then enquire about renting or buying a garage or storage space in your apartment building, or in the new area in which your apartment is in.  Your Real Estate Agent will know of most if not all of the storage companies in your new area so just ask him for some advice on which ones are the closet and will suit your requirements, they really won’t mind helping either; we don’t mind here at Property Consultant Sydney in helping that little bit extra for our clients, it’s just part of the service we offer.

4. Take time to think about décor, an apartment that has too much clutter or uses a lot of dark colors can seem cramped and small. Keep large furniture and heavy decorations away from your windows and glass doors in order to let the sunlight and beautiful views in.

Finally, remember that moving into a new apartment can be a major lifestyle change, but many new apartment owners are surprised at how much their daily lives stay the same. Make sure to hold on to the things you love, but use the move as an opportunity to get rid of things you don't want or need.

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