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A Property Tip from a Real Estate Agent

Right now Australian new property prices are way over the top, well above true market value, and developers and the shrewd vendor are cashing in on the current market with the buyers paying over the top prices.

Here at Property Consultant Sydney we have been keeping a keen eye on the market and it is very close to reaching its peak where the bubble is about to burst.

This is not only our opinion as a real estate agent but other real estate agents agree with us. 

Property Consultant Sydney bases it opinion on by what  it sees in the current market trend, by what our top economists’ say about the real estate market here, and by the auction clearance rates which by the way are down at the moment.

As real estate agents it is our position in society to keep up to breast with the current real estate market. 
To be able to give advice e if asked or give a rule of thumb opinion.

The experienced real estate agent is able to do this and we at Property Consultant Sydney are one of these styles of agents. 
We pride ourselves on being able to give the correct piece of advice to our clients with little fuss.

Property Consultant Sydney is the one stop shop for all your real estate requirements. 
Whether it is obtaining finance for your next property purchase or insurance or to find out what is the latest trend on the market, then all you need to do is contact Property Consultant Sydney the professional real estate agents
The real estate agents who actually care about their clients and aren’t out just to make a sale, but to help you make the right real estate choice with the most valuable asset you will, ever purchase. 
Trust Property Consultant Sydney the only real estate agents who with endeavour earnestly just for your piece of mind that when you deal with Property Consultant Sydney your dealing with a real estate company that prides itself on its integrity and honesty.


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Here at Property Consultant Sydney (a website of BTB Enterprises Pty Ltd), the professional property, development, investment and relocation consultants in Sydney, we understand as a professional consultancy firm, the need for expedient results and the privacy our clients expect from a professional property consultant.

Do you require an investment property, land, a development or just wish to relocate to Australia or anywhere else internationally?

Would you prefer to lease a property or any of the above? 
Then we can fully assist you.

We believe in giving quality service for our clients. 
We far surpass any Real Estate Agency, Buyer's Agents or other Property Consultancy Company in Sydney.

Try us ... You will be surprised.